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Hi, I'm Lisa.

I work with business owners to create a digital presence they LOVE! From social media training and consulting, to building custom digital solutions (social media plans, selling your service online, newsletters, email automation + more), I'm here to help you succeed.

If you want to confidently navigate the world of social media + tech so you can increase engagement, reach more ideal customers and grow your brand, reach out!


Whether you’re just starting your business or are a seasoned pro, I provide fresh insights for digital growth that can help you achieve your goals. Think: social media planning and strategy, online booking and payments, selling on IG, etc. If you’d like to find out more, book a free discovery call.


Various group training programs are offered throughout the year, including: Social Media Essentials Program (6 weeks of learning + 6 weeks of support) and Leap Business Brainstorm Sessions (half-day). Want to discuss what’s right for you? Email me!


Looking for guidance when building your social media strategy? Want to add automation to your business? I help you choose the right tools & systems AND implement them.
Email me to inquire about consulting packages.


Create a Social Media plan in 3 steps...

Smart. Simple. Sustainable.

Social Audit

Your existing social presence (if any) will be audited and recommendations will be made: what's good, what needs to be fixed and what has to go!

Account Optimization

The action plan will be executed and all social accounts will be optimized (or created), ensuring that visuals are streamlined and brand messaging is consistent.

Strategy, Skills & Schedule

I'll work with you to create an effective, sustainable plan. This includes: content creation ideas and strategies, marketing & engagement tips, tools for executing your plan + more.


Take your business to the next level using a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

  • Scale your business

  • Automate administrative tasks

  • Save time

  • Make more money!

I’m the co-founder of Toute Suite,  the CRM created especially for small business owners. 

Find out how Toute Suite can help you be more productive, nurture your clients and scale your business! 

I have implemented digital automation solutions for many clients, including:

  • Online booking/payment systems
  • Learning Management Systems (online courses)
  • CRM system with white label client portal
  • Email marketing and nurture sequences… and more.

The sky is the limit!

Email me to discuss your specific needs.


Happy Clients!

Lisa has one of the biggest hearts and is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to social media strategy. She is not only an expert, she is 100% committed to your success. Lisa is passionate, kind and a superstar social media strategist. You need a lot of her in your life! Do it. Like right now. Book your session. You will thank me! Well, really, you’ll thank her!

Amy Milne

Owner, The Bea Bar
I love working with Lisa. She talks about social media with passion, simple explanations and patience. She helped change my mindset from fear to “let it be easy”.

Barb Ivey

Residential Designer & Founder, Ivey Design Concepts Ltd.

Lisa helped me immensely when I was stuck trying to figure out how to launch my website. She helped me simplify my requirements and expectations, and helped me see clearly through the chaos of my ideas. This helped me save a LOT of money, and resulted in the site being built in less than a week with branding and photography just the way I wanted it! Thank you Lisa!

Sarah Kate

Founder & Editor, Some Good Clean Fun

Lisa has incredible knowledge when it comes to all things tech and social media, which are both areas that I find overwhelming and often get stuck. After my session with Lisa, I had a useful tools and platforms for my workflow, and she helped me form a clear social media vision and strategy for my business.

Jodi Wilding

Jodi Wilding Coaching

The (coaching) session was beyond amazing and helpful! Thank you for sharing all of your insights and your time. I learned so much!

Tiana Plesuk Fech

Owner, The Part-Time Jungle

Lisa is a powerhouse! She is quick on her feet, has tons of ideas and really cares about each and every one of her clients.

Samantha Krumholz

CEO & Founder, Vine & Vintage

Lisa is the real deal! She has a vast knowledge of all things tech, whether your social media, newsletter or funnels need love. It’s time to turn to Lisa for help. She breaks things down to make it so easy for her clients. She is calm, caring and intuitive. Her gift is helping others expand and succeed.

Tamara Green

Co-Founder, Living Kitchen Wellness

Lisa is such an incredible wealth of knowledge and can help in so many ways. The best part is she REALLY LISTENS to what you NEED. A brainstorming session with Lisa sin’t just about coming up wth ideas, it’s about coming up with ideas that will truly help you and your business move forward. Lisa makes it so easy and fun, a fantastic experience every time.

Seanna Thomas

Owner & Founder, Fuel More Wins

Lisa is a strategic and inspirational FORCE! She will take your ideas and fuse them with her marketing knowledge to expand your thinking into what’s possible for you and your business. I’ve had the opportunity to mastermind with Lisa on numerous occasions and have walked away every single time with new ideas, new perspectives, expansive thinking and inspiration to take action. Any time spent with Lisa is time WELL spent! She will have you thinking of ways your business can explode that you never thought possible. Go book with her! Book RIGHT NOW before her schedule is full and you miss the opportunity!

Lee-Anne Reuber

Founder & CEO, Sekond Skin Society

Your guidance and encouragement has changed how I view the online world and my communication with it.
Thank you so much for taking the time to work with my staff in developing a plan suited to our business and the time we have to dedicate to it.  Your professionalism is outstanding and the service you provide is fantastic. You have my highest recommendation.

Christi Johnson

Owner, Still Images in the Beach

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