How to Create Bulk Content for Social Media and Blogs: Video Tutorial

how to create bulk content for social media

I have a Facebook group for business owners (you should join! 😉), where I share social media and marketing tips and information. When folks request to join the group, I ask them a few questions. One of them is, “What is your biggest social media challenge?”

Overwhelmingly, the response is “what to post on social media” (and blogs). Content creation seems to be the one big sticking point for pretty much everyone! So, I decided to create a video tutorial showing you how to create bulk content for social media using some of my favourite (FREE!) digital tools.

Create Social Media Content Quickly and Easily Using Free Digital Tools

Watch my tutorial, below, for a complete step-by-step walk-through of the process. It’s my very first YouTube video (!) so if you like it, please like and subscribe. A list of the tools I mention or use in the video are noted (with links) below.

What are your favourite tools for creating (and/or posting) social media content? I’d love you to share them in the comments.

Free digital tools and resources I use (or mention) in this video:

Other AI content writing tools to try:

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